and than there was CORONA …

How could I know ….. no — not Whitney Huston singing, but me contemplating about this passing year. If I had known what this year would bring — what would I have done differently, or what would have been different? Many things, really many things, would certainly have turned out quite differently. Better? — Not necessarily, in retrospect that’s really impossible to say.

Let’s start with the first wave in March, when we still thought it would soon be over. I brought myself a nice souvenir from the skiing vacation. So at first quarantine for 14 days. It was not so bad, since there was not much to miss. We got used to sitting in the home office, sometimes more — sometimes less well equipped. A flood of telcos, virtual meetings and “remote social events” washed over us. We organized ourselves in this world, still assuming that we would soon be back at work. The summer came and there were nevertheless again isolated meetings, under observance of the valid rules.

The vacation season was very different. Some ventured abroad, especially those who decided to travel early in the summer, others were prevented from going far by renewed restrictive regulations. Overall, it was all quite uncertain and as soon as the returnees were back in the country, the infection figures increased. Coincidence — maybe. At least the last hopes for a “regular” event were shattered. For me as a marathon runner, this was the last hope to run in the year at one of the traditional, big events.

Our everyday life has also changed tremendously. In the last + 15 years, I was almost always on the road, visiting customers, at events, giving talks, leading workshops, and now everything only takes place virtually. In the beginning, the laptop was enough for video meetings, but quickly a camera, a microphone and a larger screen were needed. Other tools were also quickly upgraded, 8–10 hours sitting in front of the monitor requires appropriate equipment.

But that was by no means all. Processes and workflows had to be rethought and redesigned. How are you supposed to conduct an interactive, 2-day workshop, in which it is important to collect and evaluate many ideas and opinions, suddenly remotely? Good that there were tools for this before too, now they quickly became “famous”. Yes — we continued to do innovation workshops with our customers and colleagues, and yes — they were all successful. We had fun together and motivated each other.

Now, as the numbers rise dramatically again at the end of the year, families are unable to spend the holidays together, and there is little else hopeful about the celebration of hope, we look forward with great anticipation to the upcoming vaccinations. The thing we want most is a little normalcy. Meeting friends and family in a restaurant, café or at home, going to the cinema, theater or concert, traveling — wherever, without fear and restrictions. Let us remain confident that all this will come again — in the new year!

With these wishes — happy holidays and stay healthy!




Fashion Lover, World Traveller, Marathoner, Forward and Design Thinker , working @ IBM Garage — an Innovation Incubator; I help you to bring your Ideas to life!

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Doro Koppermann

Doro Koppermann

Fashion Lover, World Traveller, Marathoner, Forward and Design Thinker , working @ IBM Garage — an Innovation Incubator; I help you to bring your Ideas to life!

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